Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Families Fighting For Justice

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I met some of the group members of 'Families Fighting For Justice' campaigning in St John's Shopping Centre. They're not only a group campaigning for change, but a strong support network offering help and guidance to families who find themselves in similar sad circumstances.


Anonymous said...

we need justice! Ryan's cousin Fay

phoebe coleman said...

we all need to get together and help others in the same situation!

a strong believer and a member of a family that would like justice

shirl perks said...

We are a couple who come from liverpool, I'm from longview and my husband is from garston, we moved to warrington when i was 17 I'm now 60 so its a long time but we love liverpool and thats where our roots are, our son Craig was working in glasgow on jan16th this year and was killed going home to his hotel by 2 lads, we are now waiting for a trial date, the lads have both been bailed one of them was in custody for a couple of months, I am interested in what your doing fighting for stiffer sentences for these people, we want justice for our son who was a lovely n27 yr old lad who had everything to live for but had his life taken because of some mindless people who thought they could just do this and get off lightly! shirl and steve perks

shirl perks said...

We are a family of christians who attend our local church each sunday, we have no bitterness or hatred in our hearts as our hearts are full of love for our son so there is no room for anything else, we love God and know that He has helped us through this awful tragedy, we want justice not revenge, revenge is mine says God!

Anonymous said...

If you would like to contact the group, please do - their web address is