Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tommy Callagher

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Twenty-one years ago, Tommy Callagher started work in Liverpool as the city centre milkman. Through this new status, he became Liverpool’s number one charity fundraiser, his boundless energy and commitment earned him the accolade ‘Milkman of the Year’ and he became a local celebrity. He painted his milk float gold - a shining symbol around the city representing the lives he wanted to transform.

In June 2008 Tommy went into retirement and his milkman memorabilia is now relegated to the loft. He is no longer ‘Milkman Tommy’, just Tommy Callagher.


Anonymous said...

Well done Tom you have helped a lot of people and made them very happy you are a true gentleman of our city and you personify the character of the people of Liverpool Good Luck and many thanks.

Two Friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I enjoyed this interview with Tommy the Milkman.

We've quoted your blog on the BBC Liverpool08 website - with a link back to your post of course.

It's on this page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/liverpool08/get-involved/

Best wishes

HB, BBC Liverpool08

Anonymous said...

Smashing said hopefully we will meet up in our drinking-den soon. I'm dying for a pint of the black stuff, and some hot nuts, mate soon?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the video and i would like to have a swift-half with Tommy and his friends, at their favourite drinking-den.

Anonymous said...

The City is empty without Tom.

The City is sad for it's lost.

The City is rained upon.

The City is crying, tears.

The City is crying, for Tom.

I would,nt mind a bevvy either.

Shaun Woods said...

Alright Mucker,

Really enjoyed that interview with Milkman Tommy, thoroughly.

I'm a Liverpool playwright and theatre director, I study at LIPA at the moment and I am looking for more information on Tommy C, if anyone has any more information, or could point me in the right direction.

OR, if the blog author could get in touch, I would be very, very greatful.


Thank You

Shaun Woods

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tommy might have left his milkman days behind him but he's still working hard now as a volunteer for Radio Broadgreen as a presenter and a fund raiser at Broadgreen Hospital.
He should be great at helping to raise funds for the station.
Keep up the good work Tommy.