Saturday, November 04, 2006

Milkman Tommy

To view with Quicktime click here

It's hard to miss him in his gold milk float.

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Anonymous said...

His heart is big as the liver buldings

kal-el & jor-el

Anonymous said...

My name is Juliano Harminston Smythe I think this is a story of a honest, good natured and hard working man. I hold him in high esteem. well done milkman Tommy.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a thirty minute TV documentary of this interesting persons , character and working day.

A well-wisher.

Anonymous said...

A good man, Good natured,and a good friend.

from Tommy Cello.

Anonymous said...

you should keep on doing this for the next 2 years?

from Ste Piano

Anonymous said...

An interesting portrait. most enjoyable. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

it will be hard to miss you on these cold mornings and the summer morings

your best pal Ste& tom

Anonymous said...

this will be your last mayor prade this year milkman tommy & hope u get a good send off

from Ste smashing & tremendous Tom

Anonymous said...

we will miss u 0n these winter mornings next year?