Saturday, October 14, 2006

Antique Travesty

To view with Quicktime click here.

I discovered this warehouse being cleared of decaying antiques....

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Ant said...

i wonder just how many other 'treasure chests' lie unlocked and gathering dust along the Mersey?

Where abouts did you find this one Tim?

Tim Brunsden said...

It was just off Paradise Street, opposite Cains Brewary. I think part of the warehouse is being developed into flats.

Anonymous said...

This video clip makes me feel sad. To think at some time these objects where, young, beautiful and loved, and now they have decayed and are forgotten.
I like the piano music you have chosen, it makes the clip quite eerie.

Anonymous said...

Some more of these sad and interesting films,please!!!

from an Antique dealer
who feels sad.